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Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao


watashi no shiranai mesu no kao


Mary Jane

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Release Date

January 28, 2010

Upload Date

November 29, 2016

Alternate Titles

The Secret Face of My Wife Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao Watashi no Shiranai Tsuma no Kao 내가 모르는 아내의 얼굴 私の知らない妻[メス]の貌

Tatewaki Ichika (maiden name Itsuki) is the wife of Tatewaki Masato. She has a demure appearance Masato is rightfully proud to have married her. Although they have been married for some years, their lifestyle is as passionate as when they were newly-weds.

One day, Masato receives an envelope containing a DVD entitled The Truth About Itsuki Ichika. Masato plays the DVD. He watches as the young Ichika's virginity is stolen by pervert otaku Yamazaki. During this act, random passerby Sasaki appears. Ichika implores him for help, but instead, Sasaki also violates her.

As Masato watches the video, he discovers that his excitement increases.