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Tsundero Episode 1


Tsundero Episode 1

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September 01, 2023

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September 02, 2023

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Tsundero / Tsundere is an anime adaptation of the hentai manga Takeda Hiromitsu released by T-Rex Studios and directed by Raika Ken in September 2023. Hentai consists of two parts, which will tell the story of the sex adventures of students of a depraved academy. The first part of the hentai will focus on the slutty school idol Yuka Yoshii, who is always sexually frustrated. It’s good that she has a personal sex toy named Takashi, who can suck cock during the next excitement. The second part will tell the story of the student council president, Hitomi. She actually personally closed the Aniken circle and permanently suspended their activities. The members of the circle were shocked and angry. They decided to teach Hitomi a lesson… Tsundero Episode 1