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Sex Warrior Pudding Episode 1


sex warrior pudding 1


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Release Date

May 24, 2004

Upload Date

April 29, 2016

Alternate Titles

Family Restaurant Warrior Pudding Famires Senshi Pudding Las Camareras Mágicas Schutzpatron Pudding Sex Warrior Pudding Sex Warrior Pudding 파미레스 전사 푸링 ファミレス戦士プリン 패밀리 레스토랑 전사 푸딩

Due to an inexplicable order from his father, Shuta came to work as the manager of the family restaurant A La Mode. There, he worked with Purin Nishino, whom he liked. Though he spent days of fantasy being treated to sexual favors by the cute clerks, it did not last long. He knew the other purpose of A La Mode, an organization that protects the Earth.

The fighters wield Kokoro-energy, which is the power created by putting their minds with Shuta’s in order to fight the evil syndicate Libido Kingdom. Will Shuta and the Famires fighters be able to save the peace of Earth while indulging in this harem lifestyle?

Sex Warrior Pudding Vol. 1: Wassup, My name is Shuta. I am the manager of the restaurant A Lamode. To the public eye, it may look like any other family restaurant with cute waitresses. However, A Lamode has a secret that very few know about. The True face of A Lamode is a team of crime fighters better known as The Global Defense Agency...Let's have sex!