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Send for Misaki!


send for misaki



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Release Date

June 07, 2010

Upload Date

March 29, 2016

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Super S class gorgeous Misaki chan.

She loves the endless attentions and being surrounded by boys!

Let's teach her various things about s-e-x

* Loving penetration and dense spurts of hot semen blow across her face!!
Yield long, shuddering ejaculate into her tight tuned figure while she pants!!

* Unbelievably cute face dripping with sperm!!

* Slippery mouth hole and p**sy opening in wanton service.

* 3 situations in the kitchen, bathtub and bed.
Missionary, cowgirl, rear entry, blowjob positions!! It's ecchi time!!

* Creampie, cum on face, intraoral and stomach ejaculating!
Orgasmic, gut-clenching cum shots in each scene.