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Imouto wa Gal Kawaii Episode 2


Imouto wa Gal Kawaii Episode 2

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Release Date

July 21, 2023

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July 28, 2023

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With his father’s remarriage, Shouhei Shindo’s classmate, Rino Mizusawa, becomes his step-sister. Shouhei, who is an otaku, is perplexed by living under the same roof with Rino, who is a popular gal in the class. However, due to their common otaku hobbies, they end up having their first sexual experience and become more than just siblings. Imouto wa Gal Kawaii Episode 2One day, Shouhei quietly sneaks up on the sleeping Rino and tentatively removes the towel blanket covering her, only to find her sleeping completely nude. Shouhei’s hand begins to enjoy the softness of her breasts and stomach, gradually moving towards her buttocks. He is captivated by the sight of her exposed anus when he parts the flesh of her buttocks.Afterward, Shouhei and Rino have intimate relations several times, but the enchanting sight of Rino’s anus never leaves Shouhei’s mind.