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Haji+ Shinchishin Episode 2





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Release Date

October 29, 2022

Upload Date

October 29, 2022

Alternate Titles

ハヂ+ ~剥かれる破廉チ~

I was driven into an impossible situation and secretly exposed my embarrassing appearance to Taiki as I was told
. And kept pretending to be calm…
It was Mika Takamine, a serious (black-hearted) beautiful girl who sensitively sensed the change in her best friend and tried to take proactive measures
… But…
Ah, um… Takamine-san, is it really okay? In front of the bewildered
teacher, there was Mika who was the only one sitting in a cheerleader uniform in the uniformed class
The teacher who doesn’t say any more to flowers. However, for the boys around him, it was a tremendously delicious event and it was
break time. Male students gather around her out of curiosity.
Mika is bombarded with obscene words and exposed to shame